Vice President of Marketing & Membership

Shall be responsible for the Association’s marketing efforts and membership development and chair of the Nomination Committee. This role is elected for a two year term. The Vice President of Marketing & Membership will be responsible for the following:

    • Initiate the annual membership drive.
    • Maintain the membership database and official membership list in conjunction with Memberclicks.
    • Work with the Vice President of Finance to arrange for billing and collection of membership dues.
    • Coordinate membership development activities and implementation of outreach efforts for the recruitment of a broad range of members that will enhance the professional development experiences of all members of the Association, and increase sponsorship.
    • Prepare brochure or other items used in broad or targeted recruitment.
    • Build membership of the Association by developing contacts to support membership development activities.
    • Work with the Executive Board to assist with the annual membership renewal, notification of lapsed memberships, and to act on information available in membership records to recruit new members.