The Western Association of Student Employment Administrators is a non-profit association of
professionals involved with programs for students who work while attending college. To this end,
we support and promote student employment through research, professional development
and the exchange of information.


REGISTER NOW - Upcoming Student Employment Essentials(SEE) Training

May 12-13, 2015

Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington

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For the newly promoted student employment administrator, SEE Training offers all the information you need to hit the ground running.  For the experienced administrator, SEE Training offers a chance to gain powerful new insights and perspectives on the essentials of student employment.

Why attend?

A National Student Employment Associations’ survey indicates that the majority of professionals in student employment have been at their jobs only 1 to 3 years, and many were thrust into the position from their work as financial aid administrators, career counselors, or personnel administrators. With little preparation, and new to the field of student employment, many feel ill-equipped to run the programs of which they find themselves in charge. Now you have a resource.

Student Employment Essentials consists of two one-day, professional seminars that will teach you the skills critical to the success of every student employment professional as well as to your university's student employment program. These "hands-on" workshops will immerse you in all aspects of running a successful student employment office and provide a framework for you to sharpen existing skills and acquire new ones. Both sessions are designed to stand alone; it is not necessary to attend one before attending the other.

Who should attend?

Student Employment Administrators

Financial Aid Advisors

Human Resource Coordinators

Career Counselors

Student Affairs Professionals

Business and Agency Representatives

Anyone interested in student employment issues

Attend this professional workshop and learn the foundations of effective student employment

programs. Our expert trainers will provide you with well-researched, practical information you can apply immediately. And the value is unbeatable—for the small cost you'll get a wide range of important student information, access to an expert, lunch, the opportunity to share information with colleagues, the training manual, and a Certificate of Completion.

What you'll get from each track:

Track A

Review of Fair Labor Standards Act, IRS rules and ADA compliance

Crucial information on interviewing students for jobs

Regulations concerning employing international students

FERPA, I9s and W4s

Track B

Department of Education guidelines for Federal Work-Study

Tools for setting up, promoting, reporting, and maintaining a successful Job Location & Development Program

Marketing techniques to bring in more jobs and more students

Methods for training supervisors

Help in setting up FWS Community Service program, developing jobs, and maintaining employer relations

Steps for reporting the FWS Community Service requirement, calculating earnings using program models from other schools


With both sessions, you will also receive an extensive training manual with examples and resources from universities around the nation.  These are small "hands-on" sessions, & space is limited.

About WASEA and NSEA

WASEA and NSEA (the National Student Employment Association) are separate associations that work jointly on special projects such as Student Employment Essentials training. Each Organization is dedicated to supporting employment programs for students enrolled in post-secondary education.

Other questions, please contact:

Aimee Rogers
Assistant Director
Office of Financial Aid
University of Northern Colorado
Carter Hall, Room 1005


REMINDER - 2013-2014 Student Employee of the Year program.

Campus nomination deadline is 2/17/2014!

Get those nominations in!

2013/2014 Student Employee of the Year Winners

Congratulations to all 2013-2014

Student Employee of the Year Winners

WEASEA Regional Winner

Andrew Pedersen

La Sierra University


State Winners

Arizona- Ryan Dillon

California (North)- Jacquelynne Garcia

California (South)-Andrew Pedersen

Colorado- Alexis Humann

Hawaii- Tory Watanabe

Idaho- Adam Daggs

Montana- Kori Dyer

Nevada- Michael Lindsey

Oregon- Nicolette Bartulski

Utah- Kailey Kornhauser

Washington- Molly Hartshorn


Western Association of Student Employment Administrators

WASEA Description and Objectives

WASEA is one of four regional associations represented by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA). Founded in 1978 by a group of student employment professionals, WASEA has since been an effective forum for addressing the critical issues and challenges facing student employment administrators in higher education.               

Objectives of the Association:

  • To promote the professional preparation, dedication, effectiveness, and recognition of student employment administrators in post-secondary education.
  • To facilitate the sharing of information and expertise among student employment administrators, educational institutions, employers and others concerned with student employment administration.
  • To assist educational institutions, employers of students, and others to develop and promote effective programs of part-time student employment.
  • To serve the interests and needs of students, educational institutions and employers by improving and coordinating student employment plans and programs
  • To inform members of trends in employment and professional development, including interpreting governmental guidelines related to financial aid, job placement, human resources, and student employment.
  • To provide an annual conference for WASEA members as an effective forum for professional development, information sharing, and problem solving related to student employment.
  • To promote and conduct research, cooperative studies, workshops, and other related activities as may be required to fulfill the purposes of this Association.

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