The Western Association of Student Employment Administrators is a non-profit association of
professionals involved with programs for students who work while attending college. To this end,
we support and promote student employment through research, professional development
and the exchange of information.


REMINDER - 2013-2014 Student Employee of the Year program.

Campus nomination deadline is 2/17/2014!

Get those nominations in!

2012/2013 Student Employee of the Year Winners

Congratulations to all 2012-2013

Student Employee of the Year Winners

 WEASEA Regional Winner

Glen Beebe

California Polytechnic State University


State Winners 

 Glen Beebe                                         Charlie Merritt

Northern California                              Southern California


Kenneth Choong                                  Tracie Lock

Colorado                                             Hawaii


Laura Exley                                          Jin Hyung Lee

Idaho                                                 Montana


Danielle Grondin                                   Katie Nickels

Oregon                                               Washington


Erin Larragoite                                     Christine Lucas

New Mexico                                         Nevada


Robin Smith                                        Jesus Martinez

Utah                                                   Arizona


Troy Axtheml


Western Association of Student Employment Administrators

WASEA Description and Objectives

WASEA is one of four regional associations represented by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA). Founded in 1978 by a group of student employment professionals, WASEA has since been an effective forum for addressing the critical issues and challenges facing student employment administrators in higher education.               

Objectives of the Association:

  • To promote the professional preparation, dedication, effectiveness, and recognition of student employment administrators in post-secondary education.
  • To facilitate the sharing of information and expertise among student employment administrators, educational institutions, employers and others concerned with student employment administration.
  • To assist educational institutions, employers of students, and others to develop and promote effective programs of part-time student employment.
  • To serve the interests and needs of students, educational institutions and employers by improving and coordinating student employment plans and programs
  • To inform members of trends in employment and professional development, including interpreting governmental guidelines related to financial aid, job placement, human resources, and student employment.
  • To provide an annual conference for WASEA members as an effective forum for professional development, information sharing, and problem solving related to student employment.
  • To promote and conduct research, cooperative studies, workshops, and other related activities as may be required to fulfill the purposes of this Association.

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